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Baltic Holiday

I went on a Baltic holiday recently, going from Helsinki to St-Petersburg and then on to Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. Here are the pictures :


Reliable file updates in Python

Machines can fail, so it’s important to make sure your files are saved. This article has some great ways of doing reliable file updates with python. Great stuff.

Redirect stdout to log from a bash script

My colleague Day Barr found this very useful Stack Overflow article. It shows how to redirect stdout to a log file from with a bash script. This is very useful if you’re debugging an existing bash script and don’t want to add a redirect to every line in it.

Houghton Hall Waterflame

Houghton Hall is a statele home outside of Kings Lynn in Norfolk. They currently host the excellent Houghton Revisited exhibition with paintings from the Hermitage in St-Petersburg that originally hung in Houghton Hall. I can’t show pictures from the exhibition because photography was not allowed. However in the gardens they have this sculpture called Waterflame from Jeppe Hein:

DSC05003 small

Yes, it’s a flame inside the water.

DSC05004 small