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Category Archives: Google maps

Trip maps page

Hello, best wishes for the new year first of all. A new page for trip maps was added, showing the Google Maps I’ve created to show photos. Pretty soon all cameras will have GPS, so this type of map will be generated automatically.

More Google maps stuff

This Google Maps API Tutorial website has some very good how-tos on Google Maps. Needless to say, I added some of those things like Fitting the map to the data and Lots of sidebar entries to my maps. Check out the New Zealand and Firenze maps.

Creating a Google map using XML

You can also create Google Maps using XML : check out this article.

Creating Google maps with Python

I guess everybody knows Google maps. This allows you to zoom into any part of the world, and in the ‘My Maps’ part of the site you can create your own maps. These maps can be annotated, with markers and polylines. It’s also possible to create these maps programmatically. And I’ll show you how to […]