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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Local SMTP in Python

From this Django change : The easiest way to test your project’s use of e-mail is to use a “dumb” e-mail server that receives the e-mails locally and displays them to the terminal, but does not actually send anything. Python has a built-in way to accomplish this with a single command : python -m smtpd […]

Trip maps page

Hello, best wishes for the new year first of all. A new page for trip maps was added, showing the Google Maps I’ve created to show photos. Pretty soon all cameras will have GPS, so this type of map will be generated automatically.

Trip maps

Google Maps can be used to create interactive games. They’re ideal for creating maps of holiday trips. Click on them to open them. Once opened, you can click on the markers to see the pictures for that place. Clicking on the pictures shows a the picture in a bigger format on a new page. Here’s […]