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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Killing an Oracle session

Every time you log into Oracle, you create a session. This is an easy way to kill these Oracle sessions, thanks to this article. First, select the session ID and serial number as such : SELECT s.sid, s.serial#, s.osuser, s.program FROM v$session s; The osuser and program field can be used to identify the session. […]


Some pictures of Cambridge (in the UK) were added to the website. It’s near where I live these days. Some of the colleges are shown, as well as photos from a visit to Wimpole Hall. This last one is a stately home in the countryside.

Asking for a value in Perl

The following Perl snippet is useful if you want to ask for a value from the user. The get_new_value function takes the variable name and a default value as parameter. These are printed on screen. The default value is used if no input is given. use strict; sub get_new_value { my($param_name, $param_current_value) = @_; print […]