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Monthly Archives: June 2007

More Google maps stuff

This Google Maps API Tutorial website has some very good how-tos on Google Maps. Needless to say, I added some of those things like Fitting the map to the data and Lots of sidebar entries to my maps. Check out the New Zealand and Firenze maps.

HP Unix info

This is useful on HP Unix machines. It just prints out a few pieces of data of the machine. echo “HP Unix version : ” `uname -a` echo “Model : ” `/usr/bin/model` echo “Number of processors : ” `/usr/sbin/ioscan -kf | grep processor | wc -l` An example output would be be : HP Unix […]

How much space does an Oracle table take up ?

The following queries can be used to find out how much space a table takes up. The first query gets the block size used in this database. The second one shows how many blocks are used for a table. select value from v$parameter where name = ‘db_block_size’; select blocks, last_analyzed from all_tables where owner = […]

Creating a Google map using XML

You can also create Google Maps using XML : check out this article.