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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Oracle 10g error : “O/S Message: No such file or directory”

This one was a pain in the ass. It seems like pre-Oracle 10g SQL will not always run on 10g. The construct in question is : whenever oserror exit failure In 10g, this will fail with the error message : O/S Message: No such file or directory Thanks to the Annals of Oracle’s Improbable Errors […]

No dos2unix, no perl

I was stuck on a machine with a lot of scripts that had the dreaded ^M at the end of each line. These were Windows files in a huge zip file, and it was a pain to use the FTP to move that zip file over again. Dos2unix wasn’t installed, nor was perl. One way […]

Set options for SQLPlus

The following options are useful in SQLplus when spooling to a file. They make sure there are no headers or other stuff in the output that does not execute in SQLPlus. — Do not print the number of records selected, updated, .. set feedback off — Do not print column headings set heading off — […]

Using while loops with read

If you want to loop over values in a file, the read command in Linux/Unix is very useful. It reads a line from a file, and assigns as many variables as you specify as parameters to the values in that line. Combined with a while loop, you can read the values and process them. Here’s […]